Creating a distribution

In this small article, we give quick examples to get you running doing packages for Maximo.

In all examples, we will consider a projet for Maximo 6.x that involves many different kind of files. Some needs to be deployed and built with Maximo, some not.

Simple distribution

What I call a simple distribution for Maximo would consist of some class files that have to be deployed on more than one Maximo application. For the sake of this example, lets say we must move one bean into the Web application and one class file in the famous business object applications. This kind of distribution is by far the simplest thing to do with this plugin.

To build this distribution, you only need to use the code patch properties: maximo.codepatch.applications or maximo.codepatch.maximo.applications property.

. If our projet is made of: com.mxexample.webclient.beans.SomeAppBean.class for the Web application, and for the business layer of this application. We can then deploy both classes by setting those properties in your file:

The same result can be obtain by staying a little bit less specific:
After setting those properties, you run the command:

maven maximo:make-dist
Your distribution will be generate in the directory specified by the property: maximo.patch.distribution.dir.

Include SQL scripts

Adding a SQL script in the distribution is equally simple. The job can also be done using properties. This time, to specify your SQL files to include in the distribution, you use the property: maximo.dist.mx6.sql.scripts.

In our example, lets say we have a new MBO called This guy comes in with a metadata definition residing in a SQL script holding typically inserts in configuration tables. This metadata is contained in the SomeFancyMboDef.sql script.

Given that the SQL script is located in your source files somewhere under the directory pointed by this property: maximo.patch.sql.script.dir. By default, it is set on : ${basedir}/src/main/SQL.

In your file, you must have to following line:

Adding this line and running the command:
maven maximo:make-dist
will have your new distribution built including the SQL script.

SQL scripts and XML application definitions

Deploying on your development environment

Producing Installation instruction PDF